I Don’t Want To Feel

A bundle of rage A couple of beers A handful of pills Just won’t stop the tears The feel of

My Buddy

This story begins and ends with deeply felt loss. But what about the in between? Yes, that’s what really matters.

My Deadly Fate

It was a stupendously boring night. I was within twenty minutes of escaping the radio station and ending my 2 pm

Don’t throw those strawberries out!

Suppose you’re digging in the back of the fridge, and you come across forgotten pints of strawberries. You look in

Sweet, sweet potatoes

Of late, I’ve been thinking of acorn squash. About slicing, then baking each half to a deep golden color. Alas,

Too hot to haiku?

Insect fiddles play. Hidden from their audience, They screech their night tunes. Naught cuts the still air But the neighbor’s

I feel like chick’n tonight

Did you know that there’s a whole Meatless Monday movement sweeping the nation? Neither did I. The founders of this

Get Baked!

For some, “getting baked” means over-indulging in your partying agent of choice; forgetting it all and let the day flow

Into the Land of Food

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one fork.  Maybe not precisely that but you get where

Friday Night Lights

Want something fast, fresh, and light? Drop a few ginormous red grapes and some crumbled goat cheese atop  mixed baby