Into the Land of Food

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one fork.  Maybe not precisely that but you get where I’m headed.  I have rediscovered my love of cooking! Part of the reason has to do with the fabulous and inspiring selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The rest has to do with my journey toward better health. I want to own my menu choices and the food I put in my body – not just sort of default to whatever’s there.

This is the “why” behind a new section in The Wordinghood called, “Fresh Food, Fresh Outlook.” The “what” is still evolving. That, my friends, is the journey.


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1 thought on “Into the Land of Food”

  1. Jay says:

    My colleagues keep tiellng me the fresh grad we hired is not okay. However, he’s fine when he’s doing works for our team and he really respects our boss. Also, he’s very efficient when I ask him to help me.

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