Tag: 2010

New Year’s Eve

Winter Welcome to 2011 Rumbling thunder sounds Bright flashes jolt morning skies Change in the weather.

Seasons Change

Ginger scents the air Snowflakes blow sideways outdoors Wet boots stand empty. Seasons change; new life New year and promise

Holiday Haiku

The lights and music Resonate through chill air and Winter rituals. Digging the spirit, But not the commercial trash. Sell,

Random Wednesday Poem

What is the well-spring of creation Does it lie without or within Why are we troubled by temptation Doomed to

Seeing Red

+++ I pluck at my eyes Drooped lids stick to reddened orbs Sleep. I need more sleep. +++ I ask;

National Novel Writing Month

This is my first time giving the 30 day / 50,000 word challenge a go. I know some people find